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I Conqured XDR TB – The Story of Elizabeth Wangeci

Elizabeth Wangeci, at 35 years, was a TB patient with a truly remarkable story. A teacher by profession, Wangeci has the unique distinction of being the second ever known extensively drug resistant TB (XDR TB) patient in ...
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Fighting TB in the Digital Age

  Technology has a great bearing in the way diseases are handled in the digital age. At the National Tuberculosis Leprosy and Lung Disease Program (NTLD-Program), effort has been lent in engaging a great deal of this ...
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Immigrant health- TB Control in Kenya

  The case of immigrant health and TB control is best-illustrated using Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. It is the largest refugee camp located in the horn of Africa, a region that presents the largest population movement ...
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Kenya Embraces Modern Tuberculosis Diagnostics

  On March 24th 1882, German physician and biologist, Dr Robert Koch announced to the world that he had discovered the agent that causes tuberculosis. He had managed to identify the bacteria through growing them in different ...
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GeneXpert Installation

Traditionally, tuberculosis is mostly being diagnosed by a combination of chest X-rays, the staining of sputum with special dyes followed by microscopy, the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in culture and the Mantoux test. The sputum smear ...
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The TIBU Initiative

  Digitizing physical records is a key component to an effective information management posture of any organization. Digital records provide an array of benefits and help to strengthen an organization’s information governance program. In addition to securely ...
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Isoniazid Preventative Therapy

  Isoniazid is an inexpensive and effective drug that has been used for the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis since the 60s. However, this treatment therapy was available mostly in Europe and the USA but a rarity ...
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