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Commodity & Logistics Section

The Commodity and Logistics Section is responsible for coordinating supply chain management of the NTLD-Program’s commodities to provide uninterrupted supply of medicines as well as laboratory commodities and other commodities to all treatment health facilities in the country. The Commodity and Logistics section hosts two Pharmacists, one Pharmaceutical Technologist, a Store Manager, Procurement Officer and one Records Officer. This section coordinates the selection, quantification, procurement, distribution including monitoring the use of Tuberculosis, Leprosy and other lung health commodities. It is also involved in pharma-covigilance.

The key activities in this section include:

a). Planning for Implementation of Counterpart Financing Related Activities

b). Commodity Security Sub-Committee coordination

c). Forecasting, Quantification and Procurement Plans

d). Quality Assurance for TB Medicines

e). Commodity Reporting

The section also works jointly with NASCOP, Malaria and RH Programs in strengthening of HSS, Pharmacovigilance and capacity building on LMIS. The NTLD-Program in collaboration with the three disease programs: NASCOP, Malaria and Reproductive Health developed joint activities for the Health Sector Strengthening (HSS) intervention in the country. These activities are currently on going. They include:

a) Renovation of 47 county and 290 sub county drug stores

b) Renovation of 15 laboratories

c) Training on forecasting and quantification

d) Monthly commodity security meetings

e) Redistribution of medicines and other program commodities at county level

f) County supportive supervision

g) Post market surveillance

h) Pharmacovigilance training

i) DHIS-LMIS integration