The care section is tasked with finding all TB cases, ensuring provision of quality care and prevention services for all people in Kenya with TB, leprosy and lung diseases. The care and treatment section in addition provides technical assistance and capacity building on all its key areas.

The section focuses on integrated patient care in TB, Leprosy and lung diseases with a specific focus on the following implementation areas

Active case finding

Deals coordination of case finding strategies towards finding all people with TB. It involves both community based and facility based strategies designed to find all TB cases and ensuring that they receive patient centered care.

Childhood Tuberculosis

Responsible for ensuring all matters related to pediatric TB case finding and management are addressed including capacity building.

Programmatic management of Drug Resistance TB

Provides guidance on implementation of DR TB treatment, capacity building and quality of care improvement with a patient centered approach.

Public Private Mix (PPM)

Focuses on an extensive and all-inclusive stakeholder engagement towards strengthening and expanding meaningful participation of the private sector in the fight against TB.

Tuberculosis/HIV and other Co-morbidities

Provides guide towards having collaborative efforts on tuberculosis and other diseases is to decrease the burden of TB and TB related deaths

Latent TB Infection/TB Preventive Therapy

Latent TB infection management is a key strategy to ending TB by 2035 in Kenya. This unit provides systematic implementation of evidence-based interventions on identifying the at-risk populations, screening them, offering a timely diagnosis and effective treatment options and monitoring them to treatment completion.

Lung health and Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL)

Concerned with implementation of the Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL) assists in tracing missed TB cases, reducing unnecessary prescriptions, especially of antibiotics, and thus minimizing antibiotic resistance and saving on costs. This also helps in establishing the burden of respiratory conditions (pneumonia, asthma and COPD) in the country. All efforts are made to ensure that HCWs are trained in Asthma and other chronic obstructive lung diseases, and supported to implement the lessons learnt.

Nutrition in TB

Responsible for nutrition monitoring of TB patients. In Kenya, malnutrition is a key comorbidity for TB patients and nutritional assessment is an essential prerequisite to the provision of nutritional care


Provides key interventions to improve early diagnosis and prompt treatment of all new cases of leprosy and stop ongoing transmission in the community are centered around strengthening ownership, coordination and partnership as well as promotion of inclusion and stopping discrimination, and mobilization of increased resources.

Wesley Tomno

Ag. Head, Care and Treatment

Lilian Kerubo

ACF focal Person

Nkirote Mwirigi

Public Private Mix, Human Rights and Gender Coordinator

Mary Nyaga

Nutrition Officer