The communication section is responsible for the planning, execution and management of NTLD-Program communication strategies with a specific focus on creating increased awareness of TB, Leprosy and other lung disease and the work of the NTLD-Program and its partners. Key areas in communication include:

The section focuses on encompassing the Programs’ and all stakeholders’ outlook in TB management in moulding factors like satisfaction in services delivery among our clients. It is tasked with developing resonance between target communities and the National TB Program (NTP), and planning and sustaining the efforts to keep this resonance. It also supplies development and maintenance of relations based on benefit and mutual communication between NTP and target communities which play a critical role in the success of the Program.

The section also integrates the profitability of new and continuing relations between the NTP and all stakeholders as well as the management of all the communication activities based on developing and sustaining the Programs’ brand and reputation. It further develops the connection between the stakeholders and the NTP staff by bringing their expectations and the aims of NTP into consonance and developing positive relations.

Felix Mbetera

Communication Specialist