Monitoring Evaluation and Research

Monitoring Evaluation and Research (MER) is mandated to provide a robust and responsive M&E system that promotes evidence-based decision making for quality TB, Leprosy and Lung disease programming. The section ensures there is effective flow of strategic information on implementation, monitors performance of key strategic plan activities and indicators to inform service delivery, areas of improvement and necessary corrective action.

The section has a rigorous Technical Working Group (TWG) mandated to discuss and provide policy direction on MER activities and documents.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Deals with optimizing generation and use of TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease program data. This is done by  improving quality of data through conducting routine data quality assessments (DQA) and sub-national data quality improvements and performance review meetings. Similarly conforms with national and global level reporting requirements. It is responsible for preparing quarterly and annual  surveillance reports.

It is mandated to provide leadership in development, distribution and revision of recording and reporting tools to be in tandem with the current guidelines.

Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

IT expert team ensures that all matters related to information technology are responded to including development and/or integration of systems for data collection during impact assessments, digitizing of data collection tools, technical assistance, maintenance and administration of office network and telephony system.


A critical component of the section is to coordinate surveys and impact assessment to improve TB, Leprosy and lung disease programming. Surveys previously done include: Drug resistance survey, TB prevalence survey, TB mortality survey, Inventory study, Barriers Study, Sentinel surveillance amongst others.

Aiban Ronoh

Section Head, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research, Ag Head, Policy and Planning


Drusilla Nyaboke

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Adano Godana

M&E Officer

Martin Githiomi

ICT Specialist

Timothy Kandie


Elvis Muriithi

Monitoring and Evaluation - TB Reach